Call for Submissions

I'm going to start working on Cashiers du Cinemart #19.

Are you interested in having your work in the new issue? Send your proposals for articles/artwork/whatever to by November 30, 2014. I'm just looking for a few sentences of description of what you have in mind.

Here's the proposed timeline for CdC #19:

11/30/2014Proposals sent to
05/14/2015Rough first draft sent to as a Word Document
06/15/2015Feedback/changes returned
08/01/2015Final version sent to
09/15/2015Issue ready for proofing.
10/15/2015Issue released

I'd love if I could find a cover illustrator as well as an illustrator for the inner pages.

I will be revising the style guide and have this available by the first of 2015 (if not sooner).


Welcome to the new Cashiers du Cinemart website. I've been meaning to revamp Impossible Funky for a long time and finally found the time to do so after sitting on this URL for years.

Issues 6-18 of Cashiers du Cinemart are almost entirely available for perusal. I'll be making updates over the next few weeks/months as there's a lot of data clean-up that needs to happen. I'm also hoping to add some images and maybe even put up those first five issues that are only partially digitized at the moment.

The site has a long way to go but I'm hoping it will be a valuable resource once it's done.