Readers' Letters By Readers. Mike, Hello. This is Wyatt Perko from Fright X. Thanks for sending out the copy of Cashiers du Cinemart with our (my) review...

Hello. This is Wyatt Perko from Fright X. Thanks for sending out the copy of Cashiers du Cinemart with our (my) review. There is maybe ONE SMALL PROBLEM with it. Evidently, you arent(sic) aware of the fact that Fright X is produced by one person. Me. Every last DOT of Fright X Magazine is created by me. There is no art dept. There are no copy proofers, no huge staff of well paid Ham eaters.

Fright X Magazine is but myself, one publicity guy (Jeff White) and my ever-loving sweetheart, Rhonda Chamberlain who only works on the magazine on weekends, if then. And of course a handful of contributing writers who dont make a nickel. Actually neither do I, Rhonda or Jeff. We break even. And for my THOUSANDS OF HOURS effort, thats (sic) about it.

So pretty much, you have me and then well.... me. Now. Knowing that, its not really all that terrible of an end result having been TOTALLY CREATED by ONE PERSON. Or is it?

Fright X Magazine—not bad for one silly assed white boy.

Sowry to make thos feu typoes.
Your pal,
Wyatt Perko

P.S. We get PLENTY of BAD PRODUCT. However, unlike all the other magazines out there, we simply dont (sic) review it AT ALL. This saves VERY EXPENSIVE space for people who DO HAVE GOOD THINGS that need the press!!! Wow! What a break-through concept!!! eh?

Hey White;
Just received the latest issue of your 'baby' much improved, but still some ’schlock' to sift thru..

Like the new format. you’re on a similar zine path just like Gore...only time will tell IF you become the same person and publication..i.e. like FT.. hopefully not..

thanks for the jaded review of LTD....Myself, I always find negative ones to be much more interesting and amusing than the postive-pie-in-the-sky-gushings..of said zine review (s) then again, 500 + readers of LTD each issue, don’t share your opinion one iota...nor are they Skizz Cyzyk either. opinions, whether they are good or bad.are always makes for an interesting read, and offers food for thought. good luck with cashiers DU Cinemart...

We just got CdC #9 in the store [Liberty Street Video—ED.], and I think that it is brilliant. Maybe I just think that because merely 3 days before I saw Turkish Star Wars (rented it from Blast Off Video in Chicago) but I though that your magazine was awesome. I kept trying to explain to my friends what an odd experience watching Turkish Star Wars was, but could never quite adequately do it. So when I saw Terry Gilmer’s article, I started telling them all "You have to get this magazine we have at work, it has an article about Turkish Star Wars in it!"

Anyhow, few magazines keep me reading from front to back, but this one did. Kudos to you and your staff.

That’s my first fan letter ever,




Ann Arbor, MI

Hi Mike!
I got the new Cashiers du Cinemart you sent. Good to see you’re still doing it! It’s getting better all the time. More professional, too—are you getting some big financial backers or just putting yourself into deep debt? How many copies did you make this time? Anyway, it’s well worth the $2.50 cover. I’m definitely putting you on my Zine Guide voter ballot.

It was good to hear about Krista Garcia...I haven’t since she moved and don’t have her new address! I can’t wait to hear the rest of the Henry Thomas experience, although it sure sounds anti-climactic, and he sounds like a pretentious, stuck on himself guy. Hope that’s wrong!

I have to see The Conversation, Kitten with a Whip (what a surprise to read about it being so ΓΆΒ?Β?psychotronic’—I'd always expected it would be like The Swinger, and just wrote it off!), and Death Game (can’t believe I never heard of that one!!). They sound great.

I disagree on your review of Kurt & Courtney! But I guess you can gather that from my review in Psychoholics Unanimous. I liked Heidi Fliess too. I didn’t expect it to be perfect, just interesting. And I hate Courtney Love, and was glad she was hassled by Broomfield. Also—I thought Amy’s eyebrows were awesome! Her phony little voice sucked, though.
Until next time,
Joni Lee

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