Eye On America By Adapted from a story by The J Man. In 1963 Dan Rather was a 32 year-old CBS news reporter covering the Kennedy visit to Dallas on November 22. At the time, Rather was widely praised for his coverage of the assassination...

In 1963 Dan Rather was a 32 year-old CBS news reporter covering the Kennedy visit to Dallas on November 22. At the time, Rather was widely praised for his coverage of the assassination. However, over the years, as elements of the truth have been discovered, Rather's reporting has been revealed to be less than truthful. Consider this: Rather was the only newsman present at a private screening of the Zapruder film the day after the assassination. He described what was in the film over nationwide radio and was accurate until he described the fatal headshot. Rather stated Kennedy's head "went forward with considerable violence," exactly opposite of what is in the film. Several months later, Rather was promoted to White House correspondent and by the 1980s, he served as the chief news anchorman of CBS. With the film withheld from public viewing by Time-Life until 1975, Rather's bogus account of the fatal headshot was taken as the gospel truth.

Another questionable statement by Rather involves his location at the time of the assassination. In his book, The Camera Never Blinks: Adventures of a TV Journalist (ISBN: 0345353633), Rather writes that he was waiting to pick up news film from CBS cameramen in the Presidential motorcade on the west side of the Triple Underpass. He claimed to have missed witnessing the assassination by only a few yards. However, recently discovered film footage of the west side of the underpass has now become public. This film along with still photographs show the Kennedy limousine speeding through the underpass and on to Stemmons Freeway with Rather nowhere in sight.

Why did Rather lie about the fatal headshot and his whereabouts at the time of the assassination?

The media, of course, is of primary importance to the Guardians of Wealth. Control of the media is essential in controlling the masses. Space does not permit an overview of the entirety of the media coverage of the assassination. However, the mainstream media promoted the "lone nut" Oswald theory without question for nearly fifteen years. When media giant Time-Life paid Abraham Zapruder $150,000 (an enormous sum in 1963) for his famous movie-after one private showing (which resulted in Rather's deceitful account of the fatal headshot)-they immediately proceeded to lock the film in a vault. The American public would not get to see the film for twelve years (although a poor copy was used in the Clay Shaw trial in 1968). Why would a media organization pay an exorbitant sum of money for the most sought after twenty-two seconds of film in human history only to not use it for twelve years? This defies all logic. Just turn on your TV news at night and see how eager the media is to splash the latest video clips of disaster. "Stay tuned, film at eleven," is the most familiar news promo of all time. Except in this instance.

To show the Zapruder film would mean revealing to the American people that Kennedy's head did not go forward "with considerable violence," but that it went backward. Which means the fatal headshot could not have come from the Texas School Book Depository, which was behind Kennedy. Therefore, to show the Zapruder film would have meant revealing to the American people that there had to be at least one other person firing at Kennedy besides Oswald. The news promo for the JFK murder? "Stay tuned, film in twelve years."

Over the last two years, "The J Man Times" has been in contact with three retired Dallas police officers that were at Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963. They state that they witnessed Dan Rather on the north sidewalk of Elm Street, holding a radio in his hand. One officer is certain that he monitored Rather on his own radio, and that he heard him say, "This is Kenneth, stand and deliver," just a second or two before the fatal shot to Kennedy.

I questioned this gentleman about how he could monitor Rather's radio at this time, when it was known that there was an eight-minute disruption of the Dallas Police radio motorcade channel during the time of the shooting. He stated that when he reported back to his duty station and was logging his radio, he noticed he had used the wrong channel. His "interception" of Rather's command to "stand and deliver", therefore, was completely accidental.

Was Rather "Kenneth," and did he signal J.D. Tippit to "stand and deliver" the fatal head shot to the President? In 1986, Rather was accosted by a "mentally ill" man demanding to know, "what's the frequency, Kenneth?" on the streets of New York City. The incident-after it was determined no harm was done-became a source of great amusement. A "sign of the times," as it were. A poor "lunatic," obsessed with a riddle born deep in the cortex of a malfunctioning brain, by chance happens to cross paths with one of America's most powerful disseminators of information. A man with an unanswerable question colliding into a man whose job it is to provide answers.

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