Zines of the Airways Racy Traci By Terry Gilmer. I never went to the circus as a kid. I’m not sure why. I guess that even then I thought I was too cool for jugglers, tightrope walkers and a myriad of clowns stuffing themselves into one tiny car...

I never went to the circus as a kid. I’m not sure why. I guess that even then I thought I was too cool for jugglers, tightrope walkers and a myriad of clowns stuffing themselves into one tiny car. The only people in clown make-up I wanted to go see was KISS. Ringling Bros. definitely didn’t have anyone like Gene Simmons who could spit blood as well as breathe fire.

But lately I’ve been thinking that I may have missed out. A blonde and bubbly harlequin from the Pacific Northwest has shown me the simple joys of rainbow wigs, spinning plates and big floppy shoes. One can’t help but be smitten by her bright, cheerful personality and fun-loving zeal for performing. Her name is Traci Livingston and she stars in her own public access show in Seattle called “The Racy Traci Show”.

Traci may hail from the city of grunge and Starbucks but the show is the complete opposite of plaid-covered angst and has more the flavor of lemonade and cotton candy than a decaf mocha latte. The show itself is a colorful high-energy mix of comedy sketches and music videos all written, directed and starring the perpetually perky Traci. Traci’s co-host is Ted Narcotic a local Seattle musician and public access producer. The musical numbers are humorous light-hearted romps showcasing Traci’s many talents such as dancing, juggling and plate spinning and edited together MTV style with computer effects. In the comedy bits Traci plays a variety of wacky characters including Granny, the Library Lady and Yoo Hoo the Clown.

Besides Seattle “The Racy Traci Show” also airs on local cable access channels in LA and NYC so if you live in those cities check your local listings. Like everyone else Traci has a website TotallyTraci.com which features clips from the show and offers various Racy Traci merchandise for sale. Entire episodes of the show can also be seen at ExtraTVnet.com a new webcasting service specializing in public access shows along with many other fine programs.

Terry Gilmer:One of the coolest things on your resume is that you used to be a Ringling Bros. circus clown. What was it like enrolling in Clown College and performing under the big top?
Traci: Absolutely amazing! Every week we were in a new city, with brand new fun stuff to explore! I always wanted to go out dancing after the shows! Or tear around town, or jump on other people’s beds! (A big group of us lived in hotels, not on the train) It was great to run around the arenas in my clown shoes during shows, shocking people, throwing popcorn, chasing kids around, threatening to kiss the little boys! Ha! They ran fast! The circus was constant excitement, and it has completely spoiled me for “real life”!

TG:What prompted you to make your own public access show?
Traci: I wanted to do my own comedy bits, like the Carol Burnett show, and play characters! I wanted to create something bright, shocking, and colorful, that would be both fun to watch and pretty, too, with lots of sun, beaches, and both interesting and beautiful filming locations!

TG:Who’s your favorite character to do on the show?
Traci: Definitely Granny! And Library Lady is a close second! I talk in their voices a lot in real life when I’m messing around, and act like them sometimes too! Ha! Scary, huh? Ted says Library Lady is the real me...good grief, I hope not!

TG:How long have you been interested in music?
Traci: I love Adam Sandler’s funny songs! And of course I worship disco and eighties dance music! Actually, I thought up my first song as a gag to do at Ted’s Art Bar show downtown two years ago...I had never played or sung in front of a group before, and I knew about 2 chords on the guitar! I thought up the song “Devil Horns” a couple hours before the show, and had to tape the lyrics to the mic stand! I messed up parts, but people liked it, and I was so tickled that I’ve been writing songs like it since!

TG:What can you tell me about your co-host Ted Narcotic?
Traci: He is a very funny guy! He thinks up a lot of the gags for the show! He is an excellent poet, and sax player! He is a very talented editor, and has lots of charm and charisma!

TG:Are there any other public access that you like?
Traci: Yes! I love the Richard Kringen character from TV Lust, and there are also some hand puppets on another program that are very funny! I discovered something called “Loose Change” on the web that sounds very interesting also!

TG:Do you have any other experience in film or television?
Traci: Yes, when I interned with the Bill Nye show, I got to be on the show as a clown and a glamour girl on different occasions, and it was a total riot! I’ve been in some independent films, done several commercials when I was in the circus, and of course done other projects with different local public access producers!

TG:How did you get your show on in LA and NYC?
Traci: It was very easy! The three facilities in L.A. that I send our shows to and the one in Manhattan all accept “import shows” from non-residents! It’s so cool! So I just had to fill out some paperwork and be persistent! They are all very nice!

TG:If you could be any ’60s TV show character, who would you be?
Traci: Is Jeannie a sixties character? I think it would be very fun to be Jeannie!

TG:What are Racy Traci’s future plans?
Traci: To broadcast my shows all over the Internet! To be aired on national television here, and all over the world! To have an International Tour of Racy Traci Music Concerts (with dancers, balloons, and juggling), develop a line of sequin circus bras to be sold at fine stores everywhere, and to give a ton of money to help save animals and/or start a foundation that helps animals and includes education towards being kind to all creatures! Hooray!

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