Contributors By Various Authors. Andrew J. Rausch is the author of 14 books on the subject of popular culture including Turning Points in Film History, The Films of Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro, and Fifty Filmmakers: Conversations with Directors from Roger Avary to Steven Zaillian...

Andrew J. Rausch is the author of 14 books on the subject of popular culture including Turning Points in Film History, The Films of Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro, and Fifty Filmmakers: Conversations with Directors from Roger Avary to Steven Zaillian. He is also the author of the forthcoming novel, The Suicide Game, and the screenwriter of the motion picture Dahmer vs. Gacy.

Chris Cummins is a Philadelphia-based writer who has contributed to Topless Robot, Philadelphia City Paper, Philadelphia Weekly, High Maintenance, Geekadelphia, USA Today’s Pop Candy blog, and, of course, Cashiers du Cinemart. When not writing about pop culture, he can usually be found obsessing over everything from MTV’s 120 Minutes to Fast WillieJackson comics. For more information visit and on Twitter @bionicbigfoot.

David MacGregor writes plays and screenplays and spent the heat wave of the summer of 2011 in Nebraska making a film based on his play Vino Veritas.

Dion Conflict is a Canadian film director/archivist/streaming channel owner. An Ottawa publication called him "The David Hasselhoff of Finland." He has a passion for boot camp, and dragging Mike and Andrea to Ponderosa. His next film project will be announced at

Jef Burnham is the Editor in Chief at He earned a B.A. in Film & Video from Columbia College Chicago and recently completed a chapter for the forthcoming Open Court book on Sherlock Holmes and Philosophy.

Mid-thirties lifelong fan of all things horror, cult, and weird, Joshua Gravel can often be found rummaging through old video stores and used DVD sales trying to find the next obscurity to delve into. Part time projectionist and part time writer who can be located at and

Karen Lillis is a novelist, a freelance writer, and a literary blogger. She is currently writing a memoir about working in a bookstore called Bagging the Beats at Midnight, and you can find excerpts of it at She blogs at Karen the Small Press Librarian:

Kyle Barrowman is the Senior Editor of He is studying film theory and criticism in Chicago.

With every film piece written for a print publication, Mike Malloy wonders whether it will be his last. And because he finds online film sites – even the biggies – to be so carelessly written (even if the reporting is okay) he has little interest in peddling his wares on the ’net (although he does constantly trumpet his single byline on So he has instead returned, primarily, to filmmaking itself. Should he be unable to find a living-wage career there, Malloy intends to round out his working years with ditch digging. Learn more about his feature-length cinema documentary at

Mike Sullivan has been writing semi-professionally for the last 13 years and will be homeless, dead or both within the next two. You might have ignored him in such publications as Shock Cinema, Cashiers du Cinemart, Screem, Cinema Sewer, Philly Edge, The Weekender and his article on unmade parody movies will probably appear in an upcoming issue of Paracinema. Mike would also like you to know that writing in third person only serves to heighten his intense self-loathing.

Mike White says, "You all know me; know how I earn a livin’." Be sure to tune in to the podcast he cohosts at Also, look for his books Cinematic Detours and Impossibly Funky. Keep up with Mike at his website,

Ralph Elawani is Montreal-based musician, music journalist and writer who will one day be a grumpy old man trapped in a body reminiscent of an aging Dustin Hoffman. His writing has appeared in Razorcake, Nightlife Magazine,, Midnight Poutine, Y & A and elsewhere. He has been an occasional commentator on CBC Radio Canada Bande a Part and has curated a fair number of events at Montreal’s micro-cinema/arthouse Blue Sunshine. He is currently writing a book on Quebecois poet, film critic and novelist Emmanuel Cocke and will eventually publish a collection of short stories entitled Tous les chiens sales vont au paradis (All Dirty Dogs Go to Heaven). His noise rock trio, Shortpants Romance, has managed to release two EPs and one LP and to get solid reviews in publications ranging from The Montreal Gazette to Les Inrockuptibles.

Rich Osmond’s favorite movie of 2011 so far is Drive Angry.

Skizz Cyzyk is a Baltimore-based writer, musician, former radio disc jockey, film festival careerist and award-winning filmmaker. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Maryland Lawyers for the Arts, plays punk rock ukulele with The Go Pills, and plays drums for indie-pop sensations, The Jennifers, surf/garage band, Garage Sale, as well as Mink Stole & Her Wonderful Band. His latest film, Freaks in Love, is a feature documentary about underground band, Alice Donut. His current project, Hit & Stay, documents religious anti-war activists and their efforts to stop the draft during the Vietnam War. Some day he will finish his documentary about Rev. Fred Lane. Keep up with Skizz at

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